Someone in Peru really doesn't like Justin Bieber. As he takes his My World Tour to South America this week, Bieber is receiving death threats on Facebook.

International Business Times (via Idolator) says that a Facebook page that translates as "Kill Justin Bieber on October 17 at the National Stadium" was making threats against the 'Never Say Never' singer. That page now appears to have been removed from Facebook, though others have popped up in its place.

The threats caused Bieber fans to start a trending topic on Twitter with the hashtag #biebsstayoutofperu. Concerned fans have posted tweets urging Bieber to cancel his concert. The comments include, "We don't want you to get killed. You mean everything to us. Please, it's for your own safety!" and "Justin please don't go there. Even some of your Peru fans are telling you not to come for your safety. Please."

There's no indication whether the threats are credible, or merely the work of a bored teenager who decided to create a page to hate on a singer he doesn't like. Bieber has not commented on the issue and is still slated to perform in Lima, Peru on Oct. 17 as part of a two-week swing through South America that also includes dates in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela.