Just when you thought the drama was over, there's more monkey business for Justin Bieber.

You probably remember the fiasco surrounding his pet monkey, Mally, who was eventually left in Germany. Now the Biebs held up a private jet because apparently he lost yet another pet monkey!

TMZ reports that Bieber was slated to hop on a private jet to leave Miami yesterday, but left it grounded for eight hours while he searched for his primate pal.

Bieber's flight was slated to take him from Miami to Burbank at 11AM ET, but Bieber called to tell the jet company he was running late. He then showed up around 3PM ET, but still needed to pick his monkey up from West Palm Beach. He even hired a helicopter to help him get past traffic on the ground to scoop up his pet!

Biebs wound up getting on the plane around 5:10PM ET, but no one knows whether his monkey made it or not.

Maybe Biebs was distracted by his new rumored love interest. He was spotted with a hottie at the NBA finals -- and it looks a lot like the same girl he took to ride Space Mountain at Disney! A spy snapped and tweeted the photo below so you can check her out.