Finally — a vegetarian option!

Lady Gaga arrived in the Indian city of New Delhi on Thursday, Oct. 27, and already she's attracting some significant attention — from the Indian branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who have asked the meat-dress-sporting superstar to consider posing in a dress made of lettuce for an upcoming PETA campaign.

By putting on her "okra face" for the ad campaign, PETA said, Gaga will be modeling good behavior for her little monsters — and showing her support to a pro-vegetarian lifestyle. This is an especially significant issue in the Indian culture, where cows are considered sacred, making Gaga's now-infamous meat dress an even more contentious image.

Gaga will be performing at the Formula 1 afterparty on Sunday in Greater Noida, and in the interim, she's spending time enjoying the sights and sounds of India. Upon her arrival, she tweeted: "Were not in NEW YORK anymore Toto! This isn't the #NewDeli, its #NewDelhi! We've come a long way since the lower east side. NAMASTE!"

Good to see that even thousands of miles from home, Gaga finds a way to bring it back to her New York roots. We'll be waiting to see whether she carves out enough time in her schedule to do a quick lettuce shoot — but knowing the quirky superstar's style, we wouldn't put it past her.