Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, whose primary band is on an open-ended hiatus, has been recording and touring with a new project called Black Cards, and Wentz tells Rolling Stone he's all about having fun with his new project.

"This has been the weirdest year of my entire existence," he says. "I just want to do something that’s fun and escapist. I don’t want to do anything where I am in any way emoting or in any way going through a process. I spent seven years in a band doing that. I just want to do something that feels like American house party music."

In live performances with his Black Cards bandmates -- singer Bebe Rexha and drummer Spencer Peterson -- Wentz mostly DJs and gets the crowd pumped up. Wentz, whose wife, Ashlee Simpson, filed for divorce in February, says the stage is where he currently feels most at home. "I think that’s where I’m truly having a good time and the smile feels real."

While his former Fall Out Boy partner in crime Patrick Stump just released his solo debut, Wentz says he's not sure when fans can expect to see a Black Cards album. "There’s not an exact timeline," he says. "People think I’m being coy, or there was a release date and we pushed it back. There just hasn’t been one. We’ll see."