Within the past week, Pharrell Williams and Rita Ora have both rocked SpongeBob Squarepants ensembles. Clearly, the two are enamored with the tiny little sponge with the high-pitched giggle who famously "lives in a pineapple under the sea." While Pharrell rocked the SpongeBob onesie pajamas, Ora looked casually chic in a Spongebob sweater dress. Which singer pulls off the SpongeBob look the best?

Pharrell debuted his SpongeBob onesie pajamas over the weekend at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards. While he was dressed in a jade green ten-gallon hat and a track sweatshirt for the orange carpet, he debuted a decidedly different look while onstage to present an award, donning bright yellow SpongeBob-themed PJs. Though the ensemble was daring, it wasn't overly cartoonized (a good thing); it was mostly solid yellow with several well-placed grinning SpongeBob faces printed on the onesie. The best part about Pharrell's ensemble -- besides it being a surprise and apart from it being one of our fave Nickelodeon characters -- is the one happy SpongeBob face on the back of the pajamas, so that even when Pharrell walked offstage with his back turned, we were still smiling.

Rita Ora was beyond thrilled about the release of her new single, 'I Will Never Let You Down' -- and what character better embodies happiness than SpongeBob Squarepants? The British singer donned a short SpongeBob sweater dress when she stopped by Radio 1 in London to celebrate the release of the song. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the bold dress -- which features a giant goofy Spongebob face in the center -- but we also love the length of the top, which falls above Ora's knee and flaunts her gorgeously tanned and toned legs. We also love that the singer matched her shoes to the outfit, rocking yellow stilettos complete with black dots that perfectly compliment the dress.

Which singer wears the SpongeBob Squarepants-themed outfit the best? Cast your vote below!