The other night, (June 11), 'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillips' family-run pawn shop in Georgia was broken into and robbed.

The thieves took advantage of the Phillips' absence, as they were out of town attending to their son, who is recovering from major kidney surgery in California.

According to the Daily Mail, a mechanical digger and backhoe were used to break into Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn. TMZ reports that over $4,000 worth of goods was taken from the premises, including guns, jewelry, antique coins, TVs and an entire cash register. Thankfully, the register only had $110 in it at the time.

No arrests have been made thus far. The Phillips family put their business up for sale 10 days before Season 11 ended. The store was featured on the "hometown" episode of singing competition series.

Phillips underwent a complicated surgical procedure for his issues with kidney stones, and is working on getting his strength back just in time to hit the road with his fellow 'American Idol' contestants. He's being housed in a Malibu mansion belonging to an 'AI' producer, before hopefully heading out on tour on July 6. The 'American Idol' run includes 45 dates, for which Phillip expects to be 100 percent healthy.

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