New 'American Idol' champion Phillip Phillips has a girlfriend who doesn't mind his heavily-female fan base. She joined Phillips after his victory when he sat down for an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the man who told the world last night that Phillips was the Season 11 'Idol' champion.

Asked whether all his female fans cause his girlfriend to get jealous, Phillips replied, "Nah, she doesn't. She's very supportive, and she's kinda used to it. I've done a lot of gigs, and I'm like, 'Gosh, here we go.'"

"But she makes it known that she's with me," he added with a laugh, as the camera showed his girlfriend smiling in the corner of the room.

Phillips was named the winner last night over runner-up Jessica Sanchez in a contest that saw a record 132 million votes. Phillips told Seacrest he did not see himself winning 'Idol': "I never saw any of this happening. It's so surreal to me."

Yesterday, Phillips said of his win, “It’s such a blessing to have, I’m kinda ready to try and comprehend it all. After I won, I wasn’t thinking about anything… I wasn’t wanting to sing or anything. I just started thinking about the journey and how far all of us have come and how far we made it, it’s so overwhelming.”

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