Phillip Phillips performed his amazing new song 'Gone, Gone, Gone' on the TODAY show last week. He also chatted with the anchors, and spoke about being proud of writing his music and lyrics on 'The World From the Side of the Moon' on a rainy morning in New York City (Nov. 27.)

Phillips, the winner of Season 11 of 'American Idol,' joked that he didn't want to be kept abreast of how well his debut coronation single 'Home' was doing, since he didn't want to jinx it. Turns out the song went double platinum, a huge feat for a brand new star.

The singer then performed 'Gone, Gone, Gone' inside for the Toyota Concert Series. With his trusty guitar strapped to his chest, holding it a little higher on his person than most players, and surrounded by the studio's Christmas decor, like lights and trees, Phillips turned in a festive rendition of an acoustically-based song.

It was super cute when Phillips was moved his feet from the stool on which he was seated to the floor and did a little shuffle dance type thing. That groovin' happens at about 1:43 in so watch it.

Those familiar, animated Phillip Phillips faces were also in full effect during the performance. The singer was always quite expressive with his face while he competed on 'Idol' and he hasn't lost that cute performance perk as he has become a more seasoned veteran and performer.

This perf didn't just remind us why the singer won Season 12 of 'Idol.' It reminded us that he is the real deal.

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Watch Phillip Phillips Perform 'Gone, Gone, Gone'