Who will win 'American Idol' this season? It's down to the wire now, with only Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez left in the competition for Season 11. The youngsters -- Phillips will turn 22 on Sept. 20 while Sanchez won't even be 17 until August 2012 -- have very differing styles when it comes to vocal performances, making America's decision that much more difficult. So, will rockin' guitarist Phillip Phillips win the title of 'American Idol' this year, or will pint-sized diva Jessica Sanchez be crowned the victor of Season 11?

Last night, during the first half of the 'American Idol' finale, the remaining contestants performed three songs -- as PopCrush writer Amy Sciarretto explained, the song choices were one selected by producer Simon Fuller, a repeat of a song from earlier in the season and the contestant's own single. Phillips took on 'Stand by Me,' 'Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)' and the original song 'Home,' while Sanchez performed 'I Have Nothing,' 'The Prayer' and her original single 'Change Nothing.'

So, which performer wowed you not only last night, but all season long? Are you a fan of vocal powerhouse Sanchez, who belts out epic song after epic song, or does Phillips' smooth voice and ability to transform classics into something new impress you more?

Who is going to win 'American Idol'? The anticipation is killing us! Although we won't find out until tonight when the second portion of the finale airs, vote below for either Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez to get a general idea of which contestant Americans are rooting for to win 'American Idol.'

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