Boston-based pop-punk band Phone Calls From Home lament the end of a relationship in their video for 'When It's Over Now.'

The video is mostly a performance clip in which the band plays the song at night with the lights of the city behind them. Bassist Dave Place sings the catchy hook about what used to be:

"Because when it's over now / We're just brokenhearted star-crossed lovers / When it's over now, will I still be here thinking of her? / You're the only road I'll ever know / When it's over now, oh oh."

The performance shots are mixed with clips of Place and his apparent girlfriend hanging out, strolling along the beach hand in hand, walking through town together and snuggling by a fire. From the past-tense lyrics, we get the impression these are flashbacks in which Place is reminiscing about the good times.

Despite the regretful lyrics, the song is poppy and fun, although the video concludes with a strange final scene in which Place sits in a cemetery next to a gravestone, singing, "I'm over her, I know." Yikes, so she's actually dead now? What an unfortunate ending!

Phone Calls From Home are currently touring with Rookie of the Year and will play some Warped Tour dates in July. 'When It's Over Now' appears on the group's album 'Connected.'

Watch Phone Calls From Home's 'When It's Over Now' Video