Phong Vu, 25, professed his love for the judges and for female pop artists like Celine Dion when he stepped on the stage for his 'American Idol' audition in Houston, Texas tonight (Jan. 26.)

"Uh, this can't go well" was our immediate thought, since young men don't exactly do a great job when they attempt to mimic huge voiced divas with one name. Vu sang Toni Braxton's 'Unbreak My Heart' completely off key and not even like a decent karaoke singer. He had a spring in his step and some pep, and he carried himself well. Sadly, though, he couldn't carry a tune.

Vu was a bit dramatic, saying that he can feel the emotion of the songs he sings. He just doesn't execute what he thinks he hears in his head with his voice. Judge Randy Jackson was completely and totally flustered, flabbergasted, befuddled and any other multi-syllabic word for "shocked" by what made it in front of his black specs wearing eyes.

Vu felt it, but the judges did not. So no Hollywood for Phong Vu.