What makes Niall Horan beautiful? Well, his abs certainly help.

In case you haven't had heart failure yet today, fear not Directioners! The towheaded One Direction member posted a shirtless photo for you to drool, pant and swoon over.

Niall apparently was topless for the sake of getting his blonde locks chopped, tweeting, "Yess! @louteasdale is back! Got a hair cut." It's safe to say that whoever this hairdresser is, she may well be the luckiest scissorsmith on the planet. We have a feeling his doll sales are going to improve pretty dramatically after this -- and that his leftover breakfast may spike in value as well.

Horan was shirtless by his own will, but his bandmate Harry Styles was stripped without his knowledge at a recent Chicago tour stop. Zayn Malik and Liam Payne ripped poor Hazza's shirt open, much to his chagrin -- but much to the delight of Directioners in the crowd (and on the Internet!).

So not only is Niall pretty hilarious (check out this video of his bathroom duet with tourmate Olly Murs), but he's also got the makings of a washboard stomach. Who wants to bet this is Demi Lovato's new wallpaper?

In other Niall Horan news, the One Direction Irishman also covered Ed Sheeran's melancholy hit 'The A Team' at a concert over the weekend. Sheeran himself approved of the cover, tweeting, "@NiallOfficial saw the video of the a team, big upsss!"

Watch Niall Horan of One Direction Cover Ed Sheeran's 'The A Team'