The swanky, lux, Tudor Style, Hidden Hills home where Britney Spears retreated to after she had her head-shaving, paparazzi-car-window-smashing, crying-on-a-curb, locking-herself-in-a-bathroom-with-her-son breakdown is on the market to the tune of $10 million. Brit Brit merely leased the home for a cool $25,000 per month and stayed there with her songs Sean Preston and Jayden James up until December of 2011.

According to Radar Online, the sexpot singer moved to another rental property instead, reportedly paying the same in rental fees.

While our first question is why Brit is renting instead of purchasing, since she likely has the means for a mortgage, her former digs are pretty swank. You can "ooh" and "aah" at the photos out below and gawk at the 19,000 square foot home with ornate design. It boasts seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a pool, a grotto with a rose garden, a poker room, a ballroom, a gym and an arcade. There are also two staff apartments that are removed from the main quarters of the home.

Anyone got $10 mil to pony up for this pad? We don't either, but it's still fun to scan the images.