Rihanna had a "date night" on Friday (April 20) with her BFF Melissa Forde. The 'We Found Love' singer shared some photos from the evening, such as an image of the ladies together and a shot of her red garter belts and stockings, which were full of runs, giving her ladylike look a punk rock edge. However, what's making the most waves is the images that Forde took and shared of RiRi. The are intimate and infinitely sexy.

In the photos shared by RiRi's pal, she is engrossed in a text that she is sending via her mobile phone, wearing little more than a plush white robe. Her belly button, flat tummy and the sides of her bare breasts are exposed. It's a pulse quickener, that's for sure. Plenty of media outlets will speculate about the recipient of the text, suggesting it could be ex-boyfriend Chris Brown due to the way she is dressed.

Rihanna doesn't appear to be aware of the photos being taken. In the other shots, she bends while sending her message, with her hair tumbling over her shoulder and the sides of her bare breasts are partially exposed again.

Overall, RiRi is in a natural, semi naked state. There are also shots of RiRi after dinner in Santa Monica, wearing a sleeveless white gown with black accessories: top handle bag, the pictured tights with red garter straps and black heels.

She tweeted about the outing, referring to Forde as her "lover," posting:

That particular comment sparked some chatter about the status of their relationship. But we think it was just girls being girls.