Kanye West and Jay-Z, two of the most recognizable faces in rap, gets photoshopped into a poster that either is the funniest or scariest thing you'll ever see on the Internet this week.

The poster (left) features the two rap icons morphed into one big doppelgänger. We are not going to lie, the images of Yeezy's glassy eyes and goatee morphed with Jay-Z's nose and lips is hilarious to us. The poster, which is most likely fake, surfaced on the hip-hop blog Dubra on the Rocks with no information provided other than the caption, "Deluxe WTT poster?"

As weird as this may sound, this poster might actually be a better cover for the 'Watch the Throne' album than that gold-colored, alleged illuminati CD artwork that is now the cover.

Props to whomever at DOTR that stayed up late to meticulously photoshop Yeezy and Jigga's mugs together -- it's simply genius.

In the end, this is a great promotion vehicle for West and Jay-Z's new LP 'Watch the Throne,' which will hit iTunes on Aug. 8 with physical copies arriving in stores on Aug. 12.

In addition, Yeezy and Jigga will embark on the 'Watch the Throne' tour, which kicks off Oct. 29 in Atlanta. Pre-sales tickets are currently available at live nation.com until Aug. 8 when it goes on sale to the public.