Pia Mia, Tyga and Chris Brown have teamed up to give you one of this summer's catchiest tracks — and you can listen to "Do It Again" right here.

The song captures the mixed feelings closely tied to a summer fling. There's a good dose of nostalgia as Pia Mia recalls the happy memories she shares with her man-of-the-moment.

All three artists are strong here, with Tyga's smooth verse kicking things off: "Got your legs racing hard on vacation / No exaggeration, said you amazing / Moving too fast, can't pace it," he raps.

For her part, Pia tugs on our heartstrings on the chorus, crooning, "Hey boy, I bet true love was pourin' / When I kissed you I meant it / I wanna go back."

Chris Brown rocks the second verse, giving us a little falsetto and a whole lotta steam. He elaborates more on the one night Pia shared with her love, singing, "Oh baby, it got a little crazy on the first night / So I'ma have to do you better than the first time / I'm lovin' how you scratchin' and you grittin' your teeth."

BET reports that "Do It Again" is presumed to be included on Pia's upcoming, as-yet-untitled album. She previously released a six-song EP called The Gift. Chris released his "Autumn Leaves" video earlier this year, but more or less stepped out of the spotlight following allegations that he's the father of baby girl — making his presence on this track even more exciting for Team Breezy. Tyga recently collaborated with Breezy on "Ayo," which dropped in January. He also lent his vocals to Fifth Harmony's "Like Mariah."

You can listen to "Do It Again" above, but be warned that there's some NSFW language.

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