In a shocking move, Pia Toscano was sent packing on tonight's 'American Idol.' But while she was given her walking papers, she was also afforded the opportunity to sing her way out the door. Her parting shot was the Pretenders' 'I'll Stand By You,' which she sang previously.

There's no mistaking that Toscano has a beautiful, diva-style voice, but perhaps her penchant for ballads wore thin for votes. While she attempted an uptempo track last night in the form of Tina Turner's 'River Deep, Mountain High,' it wasn't enough to earn her another week on the show.

Jennifer Lopez was utterly bewildered by Toscano's exit, saying, "I have no idea what just happened, I am shocked and angry," through tears. It makes you wonder if maybe the judges wish they hadn't spent their sole save on Casey Abrams a few weeks ago. It's ultimately a moot point, though, since they can't take it back or change the course.

Steven Tyler also praised Toscano, saying, "When she sings, she's a bird." We guess that makes her a songbird, in Steven-speak.

Toscano was accompanied by Stefano Langone in the bottom two, and it stands to reason that maybe he felt a little slighted since the judges and his fellow contestants were so shocked that Toscano was leaving instead of him. Poor Stefano. He'll probably be over it by the time he preps for next week's episode!

While we won't be seeing Pia Toscano on 'American Idol' next week, we will be seeing her again down the road. Her voice is too huge to be silenced.

Watch Pia Toscano Perform 'I'll Stand by You' for the Last Time