Country cutie Taylor Swift has a well-publicized history of being unlucky in love, but it seems a little premature for her to become a cat lady. That is, until you take a look at what may be the cutest kitten ever.

Yesterday, Swift tweeted this photo with the caption, "Hanging out with my new roommate, Meredith." Too adorable!

Swift's good friend Katy Perry could barely handle all the cuddliness going on in that shot, tweeting, "OH MY GOSH. Is this kitty for real?!?!" We all know Perry is a kitty fiend -- she has her own famous cat, Kitty Purry, as well as a fragrance named Purr and another on the way named Meow. She also asked fans to donate to the ASPCA for her birthday last month.

It gets even more precious. Swift replied to Perry, "YES! And currently chasing her own tail."

All together now: Awwwwwwwwwww.