Pink's latest single, an emotional ballad called 'Bridge of Light,' appears on the soundtrack of 'Happy Feet Two.' The upcoming animated penguin sequel hits theaters Nov. 22. Pink is also a part of the voice cast, so the film enjoys a Pink two-fer, courtesy of this uplifting number.

'Bridge of Light' is a soft and cuddly, feel-good song that pushes Pink's bold, brash and fun "I just left my husband" or "Pretty pretty please / Don't ever ever feel / Like you're less than / Less than perfect" or "Let's get this party started" lyrical statements to the back burner in favor of something more contemplative. The song boasts epic, choir-backed, studio-produced massiveness. There's also an element of softness here we've not previously experienced with Pink.

We're not exactly sure what a bridge of light is – it doesn't exactly sounds like something we'd want to drive over, since it doesn't sound sturdy or stable! But now that Pink is a mom –- she gave birth to daughter Willow Sage in June -- we're not surprised that she's offering up more muted and mellow familial fare, such as 'Bridge of Light.' It's the most tender territory she's ever drifted into, both musically and lyrically. Could Pink be going in a new direction? You never know! This could very well be a one-off or it could be a taste of what to expect from Pink down the road.

One thing the song does extremely well is show off Pink's powerful pipes. Alecia Moore, as she is being billed on the film's advertisements, can sing. Like Adele, she's not coasting through the pop universe courtesy of her sexiness or her image. She really can belt out her tunes and 'Bridge of Light' is one such case.

Listen to Pink 'Bridge of Light'