Pink didn't celebrate Halloween like everyone else would, by sharing new photos of herself, hubby Carey Hart or daughter Willow Sage while they celebrate this year's holiday. Instead, the singer strolled down spooky memory lane, sharing photos of herself as a young tot in various Halloween costumes, ranging from a clown to a piece of sugarfull (as opposed to sugarfree) gum and (what she thinks is) her interpretation of Madonna.

Pink tweeted six images of Halloween past. She captioned the photos with a little bit of biography info.

In the first set below, she posted: "Not sure what I was going for here.... Started out as Glinda the good witch and went straight to the dark si." Her post got cut off, but we can fill in the gaps. Dark side and a bloody bride!

And the clown photo? It's not quite evil! "It wasn't Bob Mackie, but it was pretty fabulous. I was always a clown!!!!," she posted. Aw! She was entertaining people from the get-go.

In the second set, she shared details about the first photo: "Me and my childhood bestie Lane:) I was Mademoiselle Moore." Super cute, that Alecia Moore. The other photo is her version of Madge. Or so she thinks. "This must've been my interpretation of Madonna," Pink wrote.

The sugarfull bubblegum, which looks a bit like a football, is clever, was captioned with: "Ouch." What? We think it was creative costuming.

She also pokes fun at the decor of that last photo, writing: "check out the kitchen! Ahh linoleum and handmade cos." Homemade had that personal touch, right?

All right, PopCrushers. Tell us which Pink throwback Halloween costume you like the bestest.


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