Pink puts on a killer show, but she's also a mom -- so when a fight broke out and made a little girl cry at the 'Try' singer's Truth About Love tour stop in her hometown of Philly on Sunday night (March 17), she didn't take it lightly.

Pink stopped in the middle of 'Who Knew' to check on the sobbing little lady, asking, "Is everything okay right here? Is this little girl all right?"

When Pink heard why the girl was upset, she was P.O.ed. "Y'all are fighting around a little girl?" she sassed.

The singer's soft side then emerged, offering the girl a plush frog and a Rice Krispy treat that were on the stage. The girl was too shy to grab them, but the front row attendees gladly passed the gifts back to her as Pink enthused, "You look beautiful!"

Too. Sweet.