Pink visited 'Ellen' and enjoyed some wine in a glass that holds an entire bottle of vino. She talked about taking daughter Willow, 2, on the road with her, and realizing that she loves being a mom so much. She finds her daughter to be such an intriguing creature that she wants to eat her. But trust us, it's not what you think. Come on, did you think Pink could or would be a cannibal? (That's Kesha's territory!)

"She gets really upset because I find her so delicious, even when she is really mad," Pink explained. "She gets really emotional and mad and I think it's really cute."

Pink's vivid imitation of her angry daughter is so cute, and that's when she says she just wants to eat Willow up. After seeing pics of the angel, so do we. With a spoon!

Motherhood clearly agrees with the 'Just Give Me a Reason' singer.

When it comes to parenting in Pink's household, she is the bad cop, saying that her hubby Carey Hart is a sucker. "I watched him fall in love the day we brought her home," the singer mused. "It's watching the person you love fall in love for the first time."

"I'm not jealous," she continued, saying that her and Hart's love "is complicated." That's true, since they did split and reunite mid-marriage.

But now, things are rad. "We're a good little threesome. We're such a little team. We're together every day. It's so yummy," Pink said.