Pink has remained a bit out of the spotlight and under the radar for the past several months since giving birth to her first child, daughter Willow Sage, last June. The singer is well within her rights to do so, since mother-daughter bonding is crucial at this point. She updated Pink-a-holics about her recent studio sessions, which have morphed from bottle service to bottle warming, via an open letter.

She also shared that becoming a mother has opened her up to a whole new world of emotions and it's starting filter into her work. That can only be a good thing. According to Pink, she's "capable of feelings as a human," courtesy of Willow Sage.

Even though she is content and happy with motherhood, she plans to return to life as a pop star, entertaining fans and hitting the road, eventually. She has also been keeping up with all the love that fans are showing online, too. So you never know -- Pink might be reading what you write about her.

The full text of Pink's open latter to fans is as follows:

A Letter To My Fans… People of The World!!!

How the hell are you? I trust you are all well…..

Things are going swimmingly, in the studio, as a mommy. My goodness gracious, how life has changed!!!!!!

Studio sessions used to go well into the night… I can vaguely remember having keys confiscated, passing out on Butch Walker’s couch a couple of times using a packing blanket as a cover…… These days “bottle service” is more like “bottle warmer”….. but where I used to excel in my drinking capabilities, this time I’m excelling in productivity and vocals… and boobs. boobs boobs everywhere. That little girl can eat. TMI

I am soo soo soo excited for all of you to hear what we’ve been working on…
I think it’s good. I really do- but who cares what I think, right? What matters most is how you feel about it…..

I’m putting my heart and soul into every song and there’s a lot of that these days. This little girl has expanded me and what I am capable of feeling as a human. Let’s hope it shows:)

Really looking forward to seeing all of you again, dusting off the old dancing shoes and learning some new tricks :)

Thanks again for all the “I Miss You’s” and all the constant love. My heart is full. Thank you.

And I love that fan dork dance video. I’m gonna have to seriously step up my geek game- or put Willow to work….

all my lovin’ xxx