Pink was one of the biggest partiers in the pop scene for a while. While you never caught her stumbling out of nightclubs like a sloppy drunk mess, she made no secret of her love for throwing back booze. Since becoming a mom to adorable Willow Sage, though, Pink is throwing back milk, instead.

“It used to be whiskey, tears and cigarettes,” Pink told PEOPLE of her vices. “Now it’s [my baby's] kind of tears, no cigarettes and the color of poop. Pure joy. I miss the whiskey, not the cigarettes.” We're glad she's nixed the smoking -- we love her voice and don't need it getting all gravelly and rough from all that tobacco. And let's be real, Kesha's got the whiskey market cornered by now.

Pink's upcoming album, 'The Truth About Love,' reflects her fun-loving signature attitude but with a more lighthearted edge and a little less seediness. "I do a lot of dancing now with [Willow] and I’m just happier,” she said. “This album is a lot of rock and roll but it reflects that there’s a dance party in our house … Your career goes up and down, but … at the end of the day, if I didn’t do another thing, I’m blessed. I like myself more than I used to.”

These days, Pink's partying has taken a much different turn. "We wake up and dance," she says of her hubby, Carey Hart, and baby. "[We] party naked in the hotel room," she laughed of her new tour antics. “It’s a different kind of partying, with diapers and underwear."

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