Pink has one of the most eclectic catalogs in music, rife with equal parts pop, rock and R&B. It comes as no surprise that the smoky-voiced chanteuse would try her hand at another genre. This time she conquered jazz.

Raising her (wine) glass, Pink crashed the stage at the Manderley Bar in New York City on Oct. 23 and performed a cover of 'Summertime' from the opera 'Porgy and Bess.' The impromptu duet delighted not only the crowd, but also the venue's headlining act of the night, Stella Sinclair.

"I'm beside myself!" Sinclair exclaimed before launching into her own solo.

It wasn't the only time Pink crashed a New York stage this week. On Oct. 24, she joined producer and frequent collaborator and good friend Butch Walker onstage at his show at the Gramercy. We don't think anyone minded the surprises from the songstress -- and if they did, as she would say, so what? She sounded phenomenal!

Watch Pink Perform 'Summertime'