Pink's upcoming album 'The Truth About Love' is set to hit shelves today (Sept. 18), and while the singer hasn't strayed for her personal formula of catchy song titles and addictive choruses, there are a few hits (and misses) from her past that she loves to talk about.

The LA Times had the opportunity to sit down with Pink (real name Alecia Moore) to discuss everything from her current album, to those way back in the early 2000's, and that's where the real fun began, as she talked about the songs she loves, and which she'd like to burn.

Song she hates perfoming the most: 'Don’t Let Me Get Me' - "I wish I could burn that song and never sing it again,” she laughs. “I’m . . . 32 years old [she turned 33 on Saturday].”

Biggest lesson learned: “Professionally, when I went from ‘Missundaztood’ to ‘[2003’s] Try This,’ I was sort of like 'I’m gonna rebel, and you think I can’t do punk rock.' I was rebelling for no reason . . . had I stayed on my path and not worried so much about what other people said I couldn’t do I would have probably been all right," she said. "But anything I was gonna do after 'Missundaztood' was gonna be a failure. After something that big, anything is gonna suck to people."

'Just Like a Pill': "This was with Dallas Austin. In Miami, we wrote this. The first thing that comes to mind with this? When I used to be on drugs, I should write a song about it. When you’re young, you think your ideas are so clever," she explained. "I loved the video, I . . . loved it. Still one of my favorites. I dyed my hair black. My hair has to match my heart -- so dramatic."

'Trouble': "I love this song too. I recorded this in a tour bus when I was running down the road. That’s my punk rock moment. I won a Grammy for it! Best rock vocal," she said. "Then they dissolved the category the day after. It’s like 'Really? This is hard for me to not take that personally. Could you have waited like a week?' "

Perhaps most surprising to learn was that Adam Lambert's song 'Whataya Want From Me?' was originally supposed to appear on Pink's album 'Funhouse,' but she chose not to add it to the disc. "Adam Lambert. He killed this song [it appeared on his 2009 debut]. That was fun. I always liked this song, I just didn’t want it on the record," she explained. "['Funhouse'] was very much about my problem with Carey and I didn’t want to dilute it with my problems with other people (laughs)."

But 'Whataya Want From Me' did end up on her 'Greatest Hits ... So Far' album!

Watch the Pink 'Just Like a Pill' Video