Pink recreated her provocative, physical video for 'Try' at the 2012 American Music Awards tonight (Nov. 18.)

The singer always turns in daring and much talked-about live performances at events like this -- memories of her suspended in the air and soaking wet come to mind. Tonight was no different. It's as though the 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' singer was trying to outdo herself and her past work.

Smeared in dirt and colored body paint and accompanied by a buff male dancer, Pink engaged in calisthenics and choreography. It was basically aggressive and sultry dancing with her man. The dancing is an extended metaphor for the song's lyrics about a fractured relationship, filled with push and pull, both literal and figurative.

We said it when the official video aired -- Pink's hubby Carey Hart might be a bit jealous at his wife's physical chemistry with this dancer. They really used their bodies to communicate, and we wouldn't be surprised if Pink hopped up on the massage table, post-performance, to get her muscles worked on. It was that intense.

In addition to flames breaking out on the stage, behind she and her male dancer while they beat the crap out of each other, Pink had to sing as she danced. In her video, she could easily lip sync.

There's no question, she really outdid herself this time.

Watch Pink Perform at the 2012 American Music Awards