Pink has a new magazine in her repertoire, appearing on the cover of the October issue of Women's Health.

In the feature, she revealed that she and hubby Carey Hart have an onion-like relationship. She also said that Britney Spears lip-syncs, but it wasn't the diss or the shade throwing that it appears to be on the surface.

We're loving her bejeweled, dangerously short mini.

Regarding her heart and Hart, she said, "Long-term relationships are a layered onion. There’s something about him I love, and I want him to be OK, even if he’s not with me. When I met Carey, I was an abused puppy in the corner, ready to bite anyone who put their hand out. And there’s a part of me who will always be kind of like that. But he was the first man I was with who allowed me to take a deep breath and close my eyes and fall backward. And most of the time, he was there. That’s more than I can say about others.

"So when I say he took my heart and made it bigger, my heart was like this clenched fist. And even after he broke my heart, still, I had two bigger halves. I have more capacity to love and to be loved."

Recall that Pink and Hart had split up during their marriage, before giving it another go and having daughter Willow, 2.

Pink also addressed Brit Brit, saying she loves her but that she would never pay to see perform since it's not live. "I’m not taking anything away from Britney because I really like her a lot, but I would never go to a show where the person was lip-synching," Pink said. "When you grow up listening to Janis Joplin, you’re not going to want to see somebody mime. I’ve always said I like Britney. I swear to God, I’ve stuck up for Britney since the beginning. She and I have talked about it. My point was, 'Stop comparing me to her, because we’re different animals.'"

So Pink doesn't want to be compared to Brit Brit since she sings live? That's how it sounds. Most pop stars sing to tape, though!