With Britney Spears bouncing after a season (and a hefty paycheck) and heading for the greener (in terms of paper) pastures of a Las Vegas residency and music industry guru L.A. Reid bailing after two seasons to focus on running Epic, which is his "real" job, Simon Cowell and 'X Factor' have two meteor-sized holes to fill on the judge's panel. Topping the acid-tongued Brit's list to replace some of the other Brit's star power is Pink.

AOL Music reports that while Pink has said "thanks, but no thanks" to other reality show judgeships, she might be softening to the idea.

"I had to say no because you can't be honest," she reasoned on her previous passes. "People will hate you if you're honest. Simon Cowell is the only person who gets away with it because he's got an accent and he's a man. People would just hate me more than they already do."

Hate her? She just had a No. 1 record with 'The Truth About Love.' We think the truth about Pink is that the public loves her because she's so imperfect, which she admitted in her Redbook cover.

Cowell is reportedly working on breaking down the 'Try' singer's walls.

Crushers, is Pink right for the 'Factor?'

Watch the Pink 'Try' Video