The first head-to-head number on tonight's Battle Rounds episode of 'The Voice' was a real clencher, as Pip took on Nathan Parrett in a duet of Amy Winehouse's 'You Know I'm No Good,' but the outcome was no real surprise.

The pair of Team Adam white boys walked into the ring together, but there was no question that Pip always had the upper hand. "Pip is amazing. I love Pip. He hasn't hit a sour note," coach Adam Levine said before they faced off, showing a clear bias early on.

NBC cameras took us behind the scenes before things got tense onstage, where Nathan admitted his nerves to both Adam and his mentor, Robin Thicke. He knew he'd have to prove himself to his coach, and found a little more edge after his guest-star mentor told him bluntly, "You've got nothing else to lose, so lose it right here." Pip got the mentoring of Alanis Morrisette, who brought her usual quiet tone and sweet nature.

Following their Amy Winehouse debut on 'The Voice' stage, it was the judges' turn to take the mic. Blake Shelton liked Nathan's powerful voice, but expressed that Pip can do everything -- and in the end sided with the suspender-sporting star. Christina Aguilera liked Nathan's voice a little better, as did Cee Lo, who felt that he was effortlessly confident -- a big achievement for him -- and even complimented that Nathan grabbed some of the late Amy's spirit.

Like every week, Adam was on the fence and biting his nails while waiting to make the choice. Knowing he'd have to send one home, he told his boys he was proud, and following an unnecessarily long pause, declared Pip the winner to move on to 'The Voice' live shows.

Watch Pip and Nathan Parrett Perform 'You Know I'm No Good' On 'The Voice'