Turns out Pitbull is just as surprised as the rest of us over the lawsuit Lindsay Lohan filed against him, but he says his lyrical reference to the actress is not defamatory, but rather "uplifting."

The rapper tells Univision that Lohan's anger about the lyric, "Hustlers move in silence, so I’m tiptoein’ to keep blowin’ / I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" in 'Give Me Everything' is just a misunderstanding:

"Everything that has to do with this record is so positive. If you see the way I start off the record, I say, 'I took my life from negative to positive, I just want ya'll to know that.' When I mentioned Lindsay Lohan in the record, it was really a positive message ... When I say 'I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan,' I'm basically saying she runs her world. I'm trying to run mine the same way she does, because however she moves, whatever she does, people talk about it. To me, it was more uplifting. I was helping more than hurting, I was hoping."

While Pitbull says, "The next step is up to the attorneys," he says he's still going to perform the song live on Sunday at the VMAs, and he's even inviting Lohan to join him there to talk things out.

Pitbull, you're far too nice. We wish he had just acknowledged using the term "locked up" as a sly way of referencing Lohan's jail stint. After all, it's not defamatory to say that someone who spent time in jail was actually "locked up" at one time, is it?

Watch Pitbull's Interview With Univision About Lindsay Lohan