International rapper Pitbull just released 'Back in Time,' his theme song to the upcoming 'Men in Black 3,' which hits theaters in 3D on May 25. The bouncy track is destined to have the clubs bumping this summer.

Produced by Big Syphe, who is Pitbull's touring DJ, the song features a sample of Mickey & Sylvia's 'Love Is Strange,' which was a No. 1 R&B hit for the duo in 1956. The thumping beat and whining '50s surf guitars give it a throwback feel yet contemporary sound. More importantly, it will move people's butts.

On the track, Mr. Worldwide let's everyone know what the dress code is on planet Pit. "Miami equals black masks, black gloves with a little bit of rope to tie, I flipped it / Black suits, white shirts, black glasses with a matching tie," he raps. Elsewhere, Pitbull reminds listeners why he's on top of the world. "I got the globe, yeah, in the palm in my hand / Wherever I spin it / That's where I land / Let's save the world / Men in Black / I know y'all understand," he rhymes.

This is the first time Will Smith has not recorded the 'Men In Black' theme song, and Pitbull was more than ready to take over the reins. "It’s an incredible honor to be a part of such an amazing franchise as ‘Men in Black’ and I have so much respect for Will Smith, especially with our similar musical backgrounds," he said. "Wanting to keep the music fun yet modern, we used the slogan of the movie and flipped it back into the song that ‘in order to understand the future, you have to go back in time.’”

Get your groove on and check out Pitbull's new single.

Listen to Pitbull, 'Back in Time'