They don't call him Mr. Worldwide for nothing. Despite the influence of some online pranksters, Pitbull is honoring his agreement to perform in the city whose Walmart page received the most Facebook likes. That means he's packing his bags for Kodiak, Alaska, a remote town accessible only by boat or plane. Best of all, the rapper is embracing his trip to the 49th state and has invited the pranksters to join him there.

Writer David Thorpe started the prank with an #ExilePitbull internet campaign urging people to like the Kodiak, Alaska Walmart page so that Pitbull would be forced to perform on the island south of Anchorage known for its huge bear population. Sure enough, the Kodiak retailer ended up winning the contest in a landslide, with more than 70,000 Likes.

While Pitbull could have cited online tomfoolery as a reason for trying to get out of the gig, that's not his style. "I said, 'Ok, great. This sounds good.' What you gotta understand is that I will go anywhere in the world for my fans," the 'Back in Time' rapper says in a new video. "And with that said, I want to invite that someone who thinks that it's a joke to Kodiak, Alaska with me."

It's not clear when Pitbull will be making the trip to the town of around 6,000 people, but he should probably think about doing it as soon as possible. While summer temperatures in Kodiak typically reach the 60s, winters there feature an average of 77 inches of snow.

Thorpe has accepted the invitation, by the way, writing, "I'd be a fool not to join Pitbull in the frozen north."

Watch Pitbull Discuss His Trip to Kodiak, Alaska