Pitbull recently shot a new video for his next single, 'International Love,' featuring R&B singer Chris Brown. The rapper filmed the clip in his hometown of Miami with videographer David Rousseau. According to the director, the video is about how Pitbull went from being "Mr. 305" to "Mr. Worldwide."

Pitbull felt it was important to shoot the video in Miami, a city that has shown him love throughout his career. "It's very important to show the world the city that made me who I am," he tells VEVO. "So when you hire a [local] crew that I've been working with for the last six to seven years, it shows unity, it shows loyalty and it shows respect. So it's beautiful to be around the same crew, same clique and the same people, and [you] grow together."

Among the images featured in the video include Pitbull dancing with a bevy of "exotic, erotic" girls behind a marquee sign that reads, "Mr. Worldwide." And with the magic of green screen, the rapper will also hop on different "world" stages as he spreads his message of love and music without leaving the comforts of the M-I-A. "It's about the music being global [and] music being the universal language," he says. "It goes to show you no matter what language you may speak or not speak … you speak music."

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