New developments have surfaced in the ongoing legal battle between Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan who is suing the rapper over his 2011 chart-topping hit 'Give Me Everything.' Pitbull's lawyer Marcos Daniel Jimenez has filed a motion against Lohan accusing the actress of plagiarizing her lawsuit.

In Lohan's complaint, the starlet claims that Pitbull's song ruined her reputation with the one-liner, "Hustlers move in silence, so I’m tiptoein’ to keep flowin’ / I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” She is seeking unspecified damages and an injunction to stop all broadcastings of the song.

According to E! Online, Pitbull's lawyer recently filed court documents on March 12 asserting that Lohan copied her legal briefs from articles found on various online sources including the Association of Corporate Counsel, the 'Los Angeles Times' and other websites without explaining the facts in the case. Therefore, he feels that Lohan's lawsuit is frivolous and without merit.

Lohan's attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, has not yet responded to Jimenez's latest claims.

As frivolous as both of their lawsuits are, we don't expect to see a peaceful resolution from Pitbull and Lohan anytime soon. The saga continues …