Pitbull is undoubtedly the most well-dressed man in pop music. In his latest video for his new single, 'Rain Over Me,' Mr. Worldwide is so cool he's even sharply dressed in the desert. As to why Pitbull is dancing in the desert with a cute model is not the point, just look at his suit -- he is so GQ.

In the David Rousseau-directed video, Pitbull, donning a white suit with a purple shirt and tan shoes, heats up the California desert as he runs down his list of what he looks for in a woman, "Sexy, classy and sassy," he raps. An equally well-dressed Marc Anthony joins the dapper rapper as he sings the 'Rain Over Me' chorus.

Near the end of the video, the two gentlemen perform behind a waterfall and get drenched, while a bevy of sexy video vixens dance to the rhythm of the booming club beat (courtesy of hitmaker RedOne). Finally, Pitbull and Anthony jump into a helicopter that was conveniently waiting for them and fly away from the desert. Now how cool is that?

PopCrush loves Pitbull's video and would love to know where he buys his suits! The 'Rain Over Me' video has great visuals and Mr. 305 gives his best rap performance.

Pitbull's new LP 'Planet Pit' is in stores now.

Watch the Pitbull, 'Rain Over Me' Video Feat. Marc Anthony