Pitbull brought along a few friends for his performance on 'Today' this morning as part of the show's Toyota Concert Series. Ne-Yo, T-Pain and Marc Anthony all showed up to lend their voices to the concert in Rockefeller Center.

Dressed in his finest Miami summer blazer, Pitbull got the sizable crowd dancing with 'Give Me Everything,' with Ne-Yo providing the sugary hook. The Afrojack-produced electro beats were pre-recorded, but the featured performer did have a live band behind him with guitar, keyboards, drums and bongos. The musicians added an energetic kick to Pitbull's solo performance of 'I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho).'

T-Pain joined Pitbull for 'Hey Baby,' another high-octane dance hit. While the Auto-Tuned T-Pain vocals from the single could be heard in the background, it appeared that, at least for his live verses, T-Pain lived up to his word to avoid the voice-altering technology.

Pitbull called on Anthony for his performance of 'Rain Over Me,' a track from his new album 'Planet Pit.' The crooner provided the chorus on the up-tempo, Latin-flavored dance tune.

The interview portion of the show provided a number of laughs all around. When the guests were asked why they got up so early to sing with Pitbull, T-Pain replied, "We do it because we love him ... And in hopes that he will do it for us later on."

Ne-Yo was asked about his upcoming record and replied, "This next album is probably gonna be my most honest album ... Not that I was lying on the other four."

Watch Pitbull and Ne-Yo Perform 'Give Me Everything' on 'Today'

Watch Pitbull and T-Pain Perform 'Hey Baby' on 'Today'