On NBC’s ‘Today’ this past Friday, the cast and fans were given an extra reason to love the show, four reasons actually. The hitmaker Pitbull stopped by the plaza to greet fans with a handful of songs, all of which had everyone dancing, singing and going mad for the famed rapper, writer and producer.

The mini concert was just in time, a perfect kick off to the summer season, especially the Memorial Day weekend. Performing hits such as ‘International Love,’ ‘Back In Time,’ which is the lead single from the new film Men In Black III soundtrack, ‘Give Me Everything,’ and of course, the hit song ‘I Know You Want Me,’ Pitbull surely rocked the plaza and gave all New Yorkers as well as its tourists an unforgettable morning.

Pit's 'Today' performance preceded his concert at the Borgata in Atlantic City, N.J. Even the hosts were having a great time -- in the 'International Love' clip, you can actually catch Al Roker dancing!

Not only was the concert a perfect start to the summer season but also a great advertisement to Pitbull’s upcoming studio LP, ‘Global Warming.’ The LP is his seventh and surely not his last.

Watch Pitbull Perform 'International Love'

Watch Pitbull Perform 'Back in Time'

Watch Pitbull Perform 'Give Me Everything'

Watch Pitbull Perform 'I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)'