Pitbull (or Mr. 305, as he affectionately refers to himself) has been making the dance floor burn way before he became the monarch of the Latin pop explosion, and we thought it was about time to celebrate him with the Top 10 Pitbull Songs!

The Cuban-American artist was getting the party started as the hype man for 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell back in 2001, and he later teamed up with Lil Jon to rock the mic during the crunk music scene between 2004-2007. Currently, he unites clubgoers all over the world with his global dance-pop songs, like the 2011 chart-topper 'Give Me Everything' and newer party jams like 'Get It Started.

In honor of Pitbull's global domination, we are counting down some of the biggest songs of his career. So, check out PopCrush's Top 10 Pitbull Songs list and shake your culo!

  • 10

    'Shut It Down'

    Feat. Akon

    Pitbull teams up with Akon on his thumping 2009 club hit, 'Shut It Down.' Mr. Worldwide boasts about his exciting lifestyle that he says feels like a Martin Scorsese movie, while Akon takes vocal command on the exhilarating chorus. "I don't make it rain / I spit that global warming," Pit raps, teasing the title of his 2012 LP three years prior to its release.

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    Feat. Lil Jon

    Mr. 305 notched his third No. 1 hit with this appropiatetly titled, crazy club song, which samples his own 2004 party-starter, 'Toma.' If this song doesn't make you shake your rump, you better check your pulse. 'Krazy' is a wild, crunk track that will bring out the party animal in even the most timid of pop fans, especially when Pit starts chanting, "Now jump up, let's get crazy."

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    'International Love'

    Feat. Chris Brown

    Mr. Worldwide loves the ladies! On 'International Love,' Pitbull salutes all the beautiful women in the world from the beaches of Brazil to coasts of Greece: "In Greece, you've guessed it, the women are sweet / Been all around the world, but I ain't gon' lie, there's nothing like Miami's heat." R&B crooner Chris Brown adds some star power to the track, as he compares women to various cities on the electrifying refrain.

  • 7

    'Get It Started'

    Feat. Shakira

    Unknown fact: Shakira originally was asked to sing the hook on 'Give Me Everything,' but she declined. WTF?! In any case, she was eager to sing the chorus on 'Get It Started,' which quickly became another dance-pop hit for the Cubano. The synth-heavy song features Pitbull rapping about traveling to exotic locations. "Two passports / Three cities / Two countries / One day / Now that's worldwide," he boasts.

  • 6

    'Don't Stop the Party'

    Feat. TJR

    No one can get the party started like Pitbull. Produced by DJ Budha, TJR and Marc Kinchen, this 2012 'Global Warming' track has become Pit's signature dance-pop song, tailor-made for the club with its spicy, horn-laden, house beats. The accompanying video was so hot, that it was banned in the U.K. for being too sexually explicit. Muy caliente!

  • 5

    'Hotel Room Service'

    Coming in at No. 5 on our Top 10 Pitbull Songs list is this crunkfied jam produced by hit-maker Jim Jonsin. The infectious, percussion-driven tune slyly mixes hip-hop (with its 'Rapper's Delight' lines and 'Planet Rock' beat) with house music (the Nightcrawlers' 'Push the Feeling On' sample). On the track, Mr. Worldwide raps about fulfilling all the ladies needs with his unique brand of room service: "Forget about your boyfriend / And meet me at the hotel room."

  • 4

    'Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)'

    Feat. T-Pain

    Pitbull brings the fly ladies to the dance floor on this synth-centric club tune. On 'Hey Baby,' the Miami native boasts about bagging all the women he desires. "Not a goon or a goblin, I'm a monsta / Because I hit all of the baddest women in the world / Gangsta," he raps. T-Pain comes through with his Auto-Tuned vocals encouraging women to drop it all the way down to the floor and shake their moneymakers.

  • 3


    Feat. Lil Jon

    Speaking of shaking booties, coming in at No. 3 on our list of the top Pitbull songs is probably his most well-known club song to date. Under heavy Latin rhythms and a more subdued dancehall beat, this bumpin' track was a worldwide smash during the height of the reggaeton explosion back in 2004. Pitbull and Lil Jon got the party crunk with this infectious, bilingual club banger. CULO!

  • 2

    'I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)'

    'I Know You Want Me' became an international hit for Pitbull in 2009 (thus the name "Mr. International"), selling two million copies worldwide. Produced by Lil Jon, Mr. 305 brought Little Havana to the dance floor with this thumping club ditty that appeals to fans of all ages and races -- seriously, we bet your mom and dad even know this song. Afterward the world got a taste of 'Calle Ocho,' every artist was clamoring to collaborate with Pitbull.

  • 1

    'Give Me Everything'

    Feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack + Nayer

    Finally, sitting at the top of our list is Pitbull's first-ever No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, 'Give Me Everything.' The song pushed 4 million copies worldwide, becoming the unofficial anthem of summer 2011, and is also every DJ's go-to track if he wants to get the party started right. Ne-Yo sings the carefree hook on the club anthem, as Mr. 305 invites everyone to his global dance party. "You might not get tomorrow, let's do it tonight!"