Ever since Rebel Wilson first teased us with deets of a possible third Pitch Perfect movie, we've been on our toes eager for an update ever since. And it looks like our prayers have been answered fellow Pitchers, because it's finally official: Pitch Perfect 3 is happening!

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the Barden Bellas were greenlit for a third appearance on the silver screen on June 10. Universal Pictures will keep with tradition by recruiting screenwriter Kay Cannon — who wrote the scripts for the previous Pitch Perfect films — for the third installment of the franchise.

While there has not been any confirmation as to exactly who will reprise their role in the third film just yet, we couldn't imagine any of our favorite Treblemakers or beloved Bellas getting the boot for the trequel. And even though we're hoping to see more of Fat Amy's shenanigans, there were some overall not-so-great moments in Pitch Perfect 2that made the film more pitchy than perfect — and sometimes intolerable to watch.

So, in hopes of Universal Pictures getting things right the third time around, here are five things we do and do not want to see happening in the follow-up flick.

  • 1

    No Tasteless Jokes

    It goes without saying that racial jokes are generally considered classless, but it seemed like Pitch Perfect 2 made it a point to overextend every boundary there is between sassy humor and being downright crude without any comedic relief.

    The worst offenders of them all, the a cappella commentators, pulled no punches with their reckless jokes that poked fun at common stereotypes associated with just about every ethnic group in the film.

    We understand that it's just comedy, but the circumstances were completely unrealistic: In real life, these correspondents would have immediately been fired, and probably detained or something. We’re crossing our fingers so hard right now that they don't make a return in the third film!

  • 2

    Fat Amy, Say "Yes" to Bumper

    Even if it was only for just a couple scenes, we were temporarily devastated by Fat Amy’s refusal to go steady with Bumper at first. After watching their “We Belong” duet play out on the big screen, we couldn’t help but root for #TeamFumper. (Just go with it, okay?)

    Their love practically screams "relationship goals," and if Bumper doesn’t propose to Amy in the third film, then there’s a slight chance that our little hearts will be completely broken all over again.

  • 3

    Auditions for Brand New Bellas

    We could be alone on this one, but the addition of Emily to the Bellas was not only unnecessary, but poorly timed. The fact that the other girls had to go through an actual audition to join the Bellas while Emily simply appeared on their doorstep and was immediately recruited after an impromptu performance of an “okay” original song should have been forewarning of the misguided direction in which the movie was headed.

    It would be far more appropriate for the senior Bellas to audition an entire new team toward the end of the third film as a way to build suspense for a possible fourth movie. (This is the part where you pick up your pen and pad and make it happen, Universal Pictures execs.)

  • 4

    We Need to "Know" The Bellas

    We’re already two films into the series and yet, it still doesn’t feel like we know as much about the Bellas troupe as we really should. Like, duh: we know them each by name...but not so much their back stories. And were we the only ones disappointed with the fact that newcomer Emily got way more attention in Pitch Perfect 2 than any of the other, less popular Bellas ever did in both films combined?

    How about we get a closer look into the lives of the other girls for once? Because we’re sure there’s more to know about Cynthia other than her blatant lesbianism, Lilly’s softspoken personality and Jessica and Ashley, whom Beca couldn’t even distinguish between at one point in the second film.

  • 5

    Hire a New Screenwriter

    Seeing how Kay Cannon did so well with the first film, it was pretty hard to believe that the content in the second flick was actually hers. The exceptional brilliance and slapstick humor we all loved in Pitch Perfect was totally absent in the sequel, replaced with inconsistent plot lines and tacky jokes that were more offensive than funny. That being said, we'd love to see someone fresh take over the Pitch Perfect legacy.

    If Cannon really does get her hands on Pitch Perfect 3, there’s a great chance of another cringeworthy experience...which we honestly don’t think Pitchers can relive for a second time.

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