Pixie Lott is a major hottie, and the 20-year-old British singer is turning up the sex appeal to 11 in her new video for 'What Do You Take Me For?' The video, which also features rapper Pusha T (who is one half of the rap duo Clipse), is super erotic, with Ms. Pixie grinding and winding in a series of revealing outfits.

'What Do You Take Me For?' is the second single off of Lott's upcoming album 'Young Foolish Happy,' following her first release 'All About Tonight.' In the new video, the dark background and Pixie's series of sexy costume changes and seductive dance routines are the perfect accompaniment for the song.

In one part of the clip, Pixie wears a super-short black leather dress that shows just enough of her legs and booty to show off her amazing figure in a tasteful manner. Lott can also be seen in a couple of bodysuits, both of which are like second skins and highlight her killer stems. The group dance scenes are also hot, with the beautiful blond songstress biting her lower lip and she gets down and dirty with both male and female backup dancers.

Pixie Lott will be releasing 'Young Foolish Happy' on Nov. 7.

Watch the Pixie Lott 'What Do You Take Me For?' Video Feat. Pusha T