Donnnie Wahlberg is a big part of the 'Saw' series, starring in three of the franchise's films before *SPOILER ALERT* literally getting his block knocked off.

The New Kids on the Block singer has been in lots of movies, including scary ones like M.Night Shyamalan's masterpiece 'The Sixth Sense.' However, his role in the 'Saw' movies as Detective Eric Matthews (not this Eric Matthews...) are by far his bloodiest.

In the second, third and fourth 'Saw' movies -- he also makes a cameo in the fifth movie via some archive footage -- Wahlberg's character is out for revenge against Jigsaw, the diabolical serial killer who traps people in twisted "life or death" games where they have to choose their own fate... but not without a paying a huge price. In 'Saw IV,' Wahlberg finds himself in the midst of one of Jigsaw's vicious games, and things do not turn out well for the 'Hangin' Tough' hit maker.

Check out a clip of Wahlberg getting "iced" below, but be warned, 'Saw' is pretty brutal and most definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's Final Scene in 'Saw IV'