Forget Mama -- LL Cool J is about to get knocked out by masked serial killer Michael Myers in this still from 1998's 'Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.' Although it's the seventh movie in the 'Halloween' series, unlike most sequels, it doesn't completely suck. Nothing can ever hold a candle to the original, but along with leading lady Jamie Lee Curtis, LL and the rest of the cast definitely spook us while they try to escape Myers' deadly clutches at a prep school. LL plays the security guard, and this part where Myers appears leering through a window is one of the most spine-chilling moments.

On a side note, this wasn't LL's first horror movie. He also starred in the ridiculous shark flick 'Deep Blue Sea,' for which he penned the rap tune 'Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin).' Needless to say, we think 'H20' is his better horror role... especially since he didn't write a song called 'Halloweeniest.'

Watch LL Cool J Get Stalked by Michael Myers in 'Halloween H20'