- Frank Ocean is set to perform on 'SNL' this week and though he's had one of the biggest and best albums of the year, it seems as though the R&B crooner might be experiencing a bit of stage fright! Ocean was a bit shy in his promos with host Seth MacFarlane and cast member Fred Armisen. Maybe acting isn't quite his thing. [NBC]

- Though we think 'SNL' hit it out of the park by inviting Frank Ocean on their premiere show, it seems as though Lorne Michaels and the gang are having some problems selecting musical guests. So they've decided to start crowdsourcing the project. Fans are being encouraged to submit musical acts via social media. [SPIN]

- 'Gangnam Style,' is slowly taking over the world. A wedding party has joined in on the fueling of the Internet's most recent obsession with Psy's song and dance. [YouTube]

- Though she won't be performing, Demi Lovato will be present at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas as a presenter. [MTV]

- Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas (2/3 of the Jonas Brothers) are back on the music scene. And what better way to celebrate than to join John Stamos and his band on stage? Random? Yes. Awesome? Definitely. [PopDust]

- If you're a Directioner living in the New York City area, prepare your vocal chords because One Direction is playing a free concert at Rockefeller Plaza on Nov. 13! [MyFreeConcert]

- Pink has released a whole slew of lyric videos in anticipation of her upcoming album 'The Truth About Love.' [YouTube]

- 'American Idol' dreamboat Phillip Phillips performed his hit song 'Home,' on 'Ellen.' Even if you're not a fan of the song, the performance is worth watching for the eye candy. [YouTube]

Watch Frank Ocean in 'SNL' Promos