Blood and gore are not just the playing field of horror movies and metal bands. Plenty of celebs and pop stars get sanguine-soaked while performing, during photo shoots, on set and on magazine covers. Of course, it's all fake and for shock value.

In honor of the Halloween season, we've put together this slightly stomach-turning scrapbook of pop stars and celebs caked and clotted with the red stuff.

Remember, it's all fake. Or is it?

That's Kesha, gulping down plasma from a heart during 'Cannibal.'


Lady Gaga, or is that Lady Gore-ga? At the 2009 VMAs, she got her platelets on.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Look! It's Lady Gaga and her clotted cleavage in 2011.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Battered. Bruised. Bloodied. Biebs. In 2012.


Battered. Bruised. Bloodied. Timberlake. In 2002. Talk about a 'TKO.'

Homme Arena

RPattz -- you know, Robert Pattinson or Edward Cullen -- not only sparkles. He also bleeds. He'll never be able to shed the vampire image.

Pacific Coast News

Tina Fey was blood-spattered while filming an ep of '30 Rock.' Poor Liz Lemon.

Pacific Coast News

Jennifer Love Hewitt looked believably bloodied.

Pacific Coast News

Supermodel Heidi Klum showed off her circulatory system in costume.

Pacific Coast News

The blonde and bloodied Bonnie McKee.


A blood facial for Kim Kardashian. Only in her world, kids. Only in her world.

Yes, that's a bloodied and beaten Matthew McConaughey.

Pacific Coast News

Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy from 'Harry Potter,' got this way from filming. But dayum! He looked like he just wrapped a street brawl.

Before i finally go to sleep i thought i'd show you the photo... on Twitpic

The 'True Blood' cast got literal on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone

Ryan Gosling's shirt was a little worse for wear, but thankfully his face was left untouched!

Pacific Coast News

Cute Chloe Grace Moretz creeped us out as the blood-soaked, titular character in this poster for the remake of 'Carrie.'