For pop music stars, dressing up in Halloween costumes is always a fun experience since they get to ditch the glamorous garb and get a little silly -- not to mention the fact that it gives them some anonymity for once! In these pictures of pop music stars in Halloween costumes, check out singers like Pink, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey as they dress up in a wide variety of costumes ranging from goofy to sexy.

On two different occasions, Pink wore two very different Halloween costumes. She showed up to Heidi Klum and Seal's Halloween extravaganza wearing a clown costume in 2008, and in 2002 she got a little creepy, dressing up as a bloodied zombie bride for a live performance. Back in 2007, Britney Spears wore a revealing hot pink zebra-striped body suit as she partied it up at the annual Klum/Seal Halloween fest. Like Ms. Spears, Mariah Carey also likes to channel her inner sexpot on Halloween, wearing an angel costume that mostly consisted of lingerie in 2009 with her hubby Nick Cannon.

Unlike the female pop music stars (with the exception of Pink), guys tends to dress up as their favorite and most bada--- fictional characters. In 2010, British crooner Seal rolled up to Halloween party costumed as the Silver Surfer from the Marvel comic books. A few years prior, the guys from Maroon 5 wore their own costumes as opposed to dressing up as a group. Singer Adam Levine was Brad Pitt's character from the film 'Fight Club,' Tyler Durden, while keyboardist Jesse Carmichael was William Wallace (originally portrayed by Mel Gibson) from 'Braveheart.' We're not so sure about guitarist James Valentine's costume though -- he looks like a mix between Scott Weiland, Bret Michaels and Prince. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 also dressed up as a movie character, painting his face and carrying a bat as a Baseball Fury from the cult classic 'The Warriors.'

Check out these pictures of pop music stars dressed up in Halloween costumes, and let us know which artist gets your vote for best and worst costume in the comment section below.