Pop star looks are as important as their music. They have images to maintain and as a result, they put a lot of work into looking good. It's part of the gig. We've collected our favorite selfies of pop stars being healthy. Healthy selfies, if you will!

Whether it's Selena Gomez biking and rehearsing, Miley Cyrus on the exercise bike or Katy Perry swallowing vitamin supplements by the fistful, pop stars have plenty of methods for looking and feeling their best. Their bodies are their temples.

Jordin Sparks gets her gym on with a book and an iPod. She's got the right idea. Working out is boring, so passing time with words and/or music is a brilliant plan.

Huzzah! Check out Jason Derulo's washboard abs. He did this workout after his show! A pop star's work(out) is never done.

Sure, twerking is a "werk" out. But Miley Cyrus also got her bike on. That's a great method of exercise and helps a twerker stay physically fit.

Madonna may have her own Hard Candy gyms outside of the U.S., but she works out anywhere ... including the loo.

Madge again! Addicted to sweat.

Nick Jonas was man on an exercise mission.

Kesha and her palm tattoo like to go on runs.

While we wish Selena Gomez would obey the rules and wear a helmet, she chose not to while biking, which is an otherwise healthy activity.

Rehearsal is another form of a workout for Sel!

Katy Perry's vitamin regimen is a way of staying healthy ... but dang, that's a lot of supplements.