Canadian rapper Classified, the man behind that super catchy song 'Inner Ninja,' recently stopped by the PopCrush headquarters. While here, he not only discussed the story behind his hit song (which features David Myles on the chorus), but also got in a round of Pop the Question

Classified stepped up to the plate, dart in hand, and launched that sucker at a balloon to reveal his first question: "Describe your weirdest celebrity encounter." The rhyme-slinger, who is just a really cool, nice guy, trailed off into deep thought at first, before answering, "I met, like three Backstreet Boys one time at an award show when we were just hanging out in the smoking area... with the Backstreet Boys."

Later on, he talked about his biggest pet peeve, the worst job he's ever had (it wasn't terrible, he was just terrible at doing it), and his craziest fan encounter, which involved a urinal and "the greatest fan he ever met" passing out.

Check out the entire video of Classified playing Pop the Question above!