You may remember Il Volo when they made their U.S. debut performing on 'American Idol' a few years back… Now the pop-opera trio are busy traveling the world (literally) promoting their recently released sophomore album 'We Are Love,' a mix of contemporary hits mixed with Italian classics.

We were lucky enough to have the trio of teenagers -- Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble -- visit the PopCrush offices while they were in the States to take on a game of Pop the Question.

Now, a fair warning to those who melt like butter at the sound of their voices: These boys (whom Barbara Streisand "treated like her own grandsons" as they put it) are no doubt sweet… but they aren't super serious or formal. In fact, they'll most likely make you laugh.

As they take turns throwing darts at our balloon-filled questions -- frequent shouts like "The blue one! The blue one! Ole!" and "He's gonna miss it!" could be heard ringing through the halls -- the boys were forced to talk about some silly subjects. One topic they tackled was their bad habits, which include singing and dancing like Elvis [insert Barone's baritone voice here] while crossing the street. Now, just picture that and try not to laugh.

They also talk about their celebrity crushes, shouting out several A-list names such as Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie. In his suave Italian accent, Peiro also added: "You know that we love everyone… that is a problem."

The boys also chatted with us about their latest studio effort, 'We Are Love,' stating: "We are really excited about this album because there are eight new songs, two duets -- one with Eros Ramazzotti, and one with Placido Domingo." Barone adds: "With this album, we want let the people know who we really are, [so that] in the next tour, the next concert the people are going to sing with us our songs."

Be sure to watch the hilarious Pop the Question interview with Il Volo above!