When Maejor Ali, who nabbed Justin Bieber and Juicy J to feature on his cray cray catchy song 'Lolly,' hit the PopCrush compound, he was game to play a round of Pop the Question with us. He answered all of our cool and crazy questions, and as as result, you get to know the artist on a better level.

Ali demonstrated a brand new dance move that he made up on the spot, just for us. We're thinking it's going to catch on. Watch him show his custom-crafted move in the video above.

He also talked about his career past, including the pre-music job he had that he actually liked -- no, really! Find out what it was and why he dug it.

Ali also recounted his experiences in college. He worked on music while he was studying. Multitasker, yo!

He also revealed his fanboy moment meeting Stevie Wonder and how it went down. Trust us, you want to watch the video to get the intel and to hear this unforgettable story.